Dear Residents

As a result of Government guidance allowing the opening of play areas; a Risk Assessment and measures to be implemented to promote safe use and from the results of a poll of residents carried out by The Residents Association for Stamford Brook which was overwhelmingly in favour of opening the play area, it will be open from the afternoon of Wednesday 29th July 2020.

As the play area is unmanned the emphasis of responsibility is placed on the user(s) to follow the guidance on signage erected in and around the play area. This is in accordance with Government Guidlines (latest update 17-07-20) which are being followed. This can be viewed at:

A one way system of entry and exit will be promoted in the play area with clear signage erected on the 2 gates. The play area will be cleaned and litter bins emptied weekly. The appartus will be safety checked weekly with a report sent to the property manager at Scanlans.

A copy of the Risk Assessment and the signs to be erected are now available to view to all property owners on the Scanlans Portal. If you have not yet registered for the portal please email Scanlans at and instructions will be provided.

The Risk Assessment will initialy be reviewed on a fotnightly basis, based on feedback from the cleaning/safety inspection and gardening contractors; Scanlans site inspections; resident/user/the Residents Association feedback and any updates/changes imposed by the Government.

To all users, please adhere to the guidance on the signage to help both keep users as safe as reasonably possible and to keep the play area open.

Your cooperation and support, on behalf of The Association is appreciated.