Where can I get a copy of the Community Trust Declaration

You can obtain a copy from the documents tab on the Scanlans Online Portal, at www.myscanlans.com, or from Scanlans Property Management by calling 01612368888 or emailing management@scanlans.com

What should I do if I notice an issue on site or feel that services are not being provided to the correct standard?

The first thing to do is to call Scanlans Property Management and ask to speak with the Property Manager for the development, Paul Christopher. His details can be found on the Contacts page of this website. Although regular site inspections are carried out, we as Managing Agents rely upon residents as our eyes and ears on the development between visits, to inform us of issues they notice so that we can put them right straight away.

If you notice a problem, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you pay by monthly standing order, do not cancel your payments as this could lead to collection proceedings being initiated. The vast majority of issues can be resolved quickly by a phone call to Scanlans.

Why does the Landscape Contractor not remove the grass once it has been cut?

In accordance with the Landscape Management Plan as set out by The National Trust the Landscape Contractor must leave all grass cuttings in situ (with the exception of the first cut of the year) in order to protect new grass as it germinates and grows.

Whose responsibility is it to fix the street lights?

To report a streetlight which is not working or faulty:

  • A gold band with Trafford mark is Trafford Council’s responsibility (it also shows that the road section has been adopted) – http://www.trafford.gov.uk
  • A green number is the responsibility of the Management Company and shows that this pathway or section is maintained by Scanlans on behalf of the Management Company - http://www.stamford-brook.co.uk/contact
  • All lights with no markings are still the responsibility of Redrow Homes and this indicates that the road section has not yet been adopted by the council - nw.customerservice@redrow.co.uk

When do I have to pay my Service Charge and what is my Service Charge money spent on?

Service charge money is charged annually and is due to be paid before 1st January each year. Once collected this money is spent on the maintenance of the Estate. Every owner on the development contributes to this. Items that this money is spent on are as follows:

  • Provision of Landscape Management Plan
  • Specialist Consultants
  • General Repairs and Maintenance
  • Fencing Repairs/Maintenance
  • Tree Replacement and Planting
  • Play Equipment Repair and Replacement
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Communal Electricity
  • Management Fee
  • Third Party and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Waste Removal