Faster Broadband for the development.

As most residents will be aware nearly half of the development suffers from incredibly slow broad band speeds with many experiencing less than a 1Mb connection. Due to this problem over the past 3 years two residents in particular have campaigned to have this problem rectified.

The hard work and effort of Gary Parkinson and Fabrizio Severi has meant that they have now managed to obtain match funding from Redrow, Trafford Council and Open Reach for the upgrade of the cabinet known as SALE92 to fibre optics which if upgraded will meant that broadband speeds are increased for nearly 300 households.

To obtain the match funding residents need to raise £4212 and to date they have managed to collect £2870 via residents contributions. This leaves £1342 to raise.

Residents who wish to contribute can do so via this link and full details of the campaign can be found at

I am sure that all residents would like to thank Gary and Fab for their continued efforts on this campaign and updates on this will be provided as they develop.